Rural Idaho charter school focuses on patriotism but some question whether it crosses the line into politics.

The Rural School and Community Trust criticizes federal report on place-based approach but likes the concept for rural communities.

Oklahoma Native American Youth Language Fair celebrates its 10th anniversary of preserving endangered language for Native students.

A new study shows rural students have a smaller average increase in math achievement during elementary and middle school grades, and that creates a widening achievement gap by the eighth grade.

Insufficient broadband coverage is a problem for rural schools nationwide, and that only will continue to worsen if nothing changes.

Rural adolescents' social goals and perceptions of what's needed for social status affect whether they engage in problem behavior, a new study says.

The launch of a new online community for rural educators, the creation of a teacher village in rural West Virginia, and a request for outstanding rural superintendents.

Efforts are gaining traction to preserve hundreds of historic schoolhouses built to educate rural black students in the early 20th century.

Although higher education leads to "brain drain" in many rural areas, a new study finds that some Appalachian community college students use college to improve their communities, rather than leave them.

A new scholarship program launched this summer by the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth will give bright, low-income rural students the chance to take part in a challenging summer program at sites across the country.


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