Proposed cuts to school bus transportation that would've crippled California's rural districts likely won't happen this year, but they're still a possibility in the near future.

Rural schools struggle to provide mental health services to students, and nearly half of the counselors in a recent study said less than 25 percent of students got adequate counseling services.

Five years after one rural Arkansas school district received a $50 million commitment from a private company, test scores are rising, graduation rates are improving, and enrollment is growing.

Rural education funding wasn't dramatically increased for fiscal year 2012, but it will receive a small boost under the budget compromise Congress reached last month.

Alaska agrees to settle an educational-funding equity case, and a rural Texas school district shutting down sports program.

The Center for Midwestern Initiatives offers a booklet, Web site and video for rural schools interested in developing community foundations to support them.

On the U.S. Department of Education's "Homeroom" blog, four National Board Certified teachers discuss the challenges they face in the classroom, including a lack of technology and funding, and teacher retention.

Purposefully designed field trips help at-risk rural students make connections between classroom and real-world jobs or training, according to new study.

From how California's bus cuts are hurting rural schools to rural Kansas schools bracing for Baby Boomers impending retirement, here's a few rural education stories worth nothing.

Supporting a new formula for the distribution of federal money and establishing a new federal Office of Rural Education are among the top priorities of the country's oldest rural education advocacy group, the National Rural Education Association.


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