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Law Restricting College Aid for Drug Offenders Upheld


A federal appeals court has rejected a constitutional challenge to a federal law that restricts, and in some cases bars, students with drug convictions from participation in federal college aid programs.

A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 8th Circuit, in St. Louis, ruled in Students for Sensible Drug Policy Foundation v. Spellings that the controversial sanctions do not violate the double-jeopardy clause of the 5th Amendment.

The student group argued that the primary purpose of the law is deterrence of criminal action, so the secondary sanction on those convicted of drug crimes is form of double jeopardy.

But the court noted that, under the law, a student may restore his or her eligibility for federal student aid by completing a drug-rehabilitation program.

"And the section was enacted as part of the Higher Education Amendments of 1998, which were primarily designed to increase access to college and make it more affordable," the court said.

Education Week reported in this 2001 story that the Bush administration was taking a strict approach to the law, requiring all applicants for federal student aid to answer a question on aid forms about whether they have ever been convicted of the covered drug offenses.


Drug offenders need rehabilitation and assistance far more than they need jail time. And unless the government is making clear distinctions between use, distribution and heavy distribution, this law ruling is counterproductive. Many college students experiment with drugs and never use them after graduation. To not realize that is silly.

Even those who were incarcerated for drug crimes and paid there debt to society, should also get funding for education.
This way maybe we would not have so many return to the prison system over and over again. President Bush should know we are a people with addiction problems, since his was with alcohol allegedly.

There are many successful programs used by most drug rehab centers in treatment of drug/alcohol addicted patients. Some of the best drug rehab programs are 12-step treatment program, motivational enhancement therapy, individualized drug counseling, etc.

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Cocaine, heroin, marijuana and other street drugs are illegal for everybody, not just student-athletes... This statement is really true...

Cocaine, heroin, marijuana and other street drugs are illegal for everybody, not just student-athletes... This statement is really true...

Although an offender can complete a drug court program in the United States, have his/her charges dismissed or reduced (or some other amelioration of the criminal justice system penalty that would otherwise have been applied), become drug free, obtain a job, regain custody of his/her children, become a tax-paying, law-abiding citizen, etc., he/she will still be deprived of basic rights afforded to other U.S. citizens because other sectors of public policy still approach addiction with a punitive orientation. Thus, despite the fact that an offender may have made a substantial beginning in recovery, other parts of the system make no accommodation for his/her recovery efforts in, for example, their denial of (a) welfare benefits to persons charged/convicted of drug offenses; (b) educational loans or other benefits to persons charged/convicted of drug offenses; (c) public housing to persons charged/convicted of drug offenses;

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A recent study by the BC centre for Social Responsibility showed that 1/3 of Post Secondary students are misusing prescription drugs to either relax or cram at exam time. Drugs such as Ritalin, Dexedrine and Tylenol 3 are often shared among friends or purchased online. Many students do not realize the implications or dangers of misusing these pharmeceudicals.

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Its equally important that drug rehab centers get along with the alcohol rehab centers to make a complete cycle.

Drug abusers need rehabilitation for sure. They are a problem not only for themselves but for the society as well.

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It's nice to hear that students with previous drug convictions can enter college again, if only they had undergone treatment in drug and alcohol rehab centers. The law gives them an opportunity to redeem themselves, which in turn they shouldn't waste.

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I agree.. Individuals with drug problems should go into rehab.. It's what's best for them..

I think that every one deserves a second chance at education. College can be a tough place for kids when it comes to drugs and alcohol. You are unsupervised by your parents for the first time in your life and drugs are in no shortage. Narconon VistaBay
gave me that second chance and Im glad the courts are taking that into account so kids can get an education.

Drug addiction among the student is now a days increasing day by day. As the law are need for the control of drug is good but also rehabilitation for them is much more needed. They need unique counseling to impede the dispersion they should join Narconon Vistabay a place where they are not only rehabilitated but also bring to the core current of the humanity.

Jameswilks has a point. Drug addictions are now prone to several areas in the world. Let us be aware of this. Although there are some drug alcohol treatment programs are now appearing but still we need a total focus on it to stop or at least minimize the populating illegal use of substances.

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I think drug addicts need to go to school, that is a part of the rehabilitation process, I would think the idea is to reintegrate them into society not alienate them and keep them traped in the cycle they have been stuck in.

I was shocked to read the article which speaks about a huge number of teenage students that are now turning to drug or alcohol offenders. It is the whole family that suffers when the kids fall under drug addiction, I really feel sorry for such parents. From my point of view, a strict legal actions should be taken on the sellers. There are numerous international law firmswhich can help find what is legally incorrect and what are the legal policies. If you see your children falling for drugs, treat them with love and patience and without any delay, take him or her to any reliable drug rehab centres.

Its difficult once your kids get older to keep them on a straight path. Good post

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