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August 14, 2015

Va. District Sparks Outcry Over Budget Proposal That Cuts H.S. Sports

Facing a projected budget shortfall of $100-plus million for the 2016-17 school year, the Fairfax County (Va.) public schools are weighing whether to eliminate some or all high school sports as a way to help balance the budget.

June 30, 2015

EdWeek Commentary Weighs Value of Football vs. Arts Programs for Schools

John R. Gerdy, the founder of the nonprofit educational organization Music for Everyone, argued arts programs provide more educational value than football for schools in a recent Education Week Commentary.

August 25, 2014

Could Little League World Series Players Be in Line for a Payday?

Steve Keener, the CEO of Little League Baseball, told Yahoo Sports' Jeff Passan last week that the idea of paying Little League World Series players could be considered in the future.

December 06, 2013

New Database Tracks Collegiate Athletic, Academic Spending Per School

Athletic spending per athlete expanded far more rapidly than academic spending per student at NCAA Division I schools from 2005 through 2011.

April 24, 2013

Long-Term View of Youth-Obesity-Prevention Policies Urged

Billions of dollars could be saved if certain types of obesity-prevention policies involving children were instituted, the report suggests.

September 19, 2012

Former Orlando Magic Player, Coach, Unite for School Funding

Dwight Howard and Stan Van Gundy, both formerly of the Orlando Magic, have reunited to raise money for local Fla. schools.

September 04, 2012

District Aims to Raise $3 Million From Ads for Athletic Upgrades

What's a school to do when it wants to upgrade its athletic facilities but has little to no money? Get creative.

August 15, 2012

Olympian Missy Franklin Torn Between Choosing College or Career

If Franklin decides to swim at the collegiate level, she'll be barred from accepting potentially millions in endorsements due to National Collegiate Athletic Association rules.

July 03, 2012

College Football Success Leads to Uptick in Applications, Donations

A new working paper published by the National Bureau of Economic Research estimates that each extra win from a major football program results in an increase of alumni athletic donations of $136,400.

June 26, 2012

Group Wants College Football Playoff Revenue to Fund Safety Research

The National College Players Association, comprised of over 17,000 student-athletes, released their proposal for The Concussion Awareness and Reduction Emergency (CARE) Plan in advance of the BCS presidential oversight committee meeting Tuesday.

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