The school district is one of three jurisdictions to receive a low rating from the Department of Education on how it educates students with disabilities.

I'm looking for suggestions.

Eighty-five students can't enroll until the case is resolved, the school says.

Alternate assessments for students with disabilities are being used more frequently, say state officials.

Two new pieces profile the 2009 Teacher of the Year, and explore a program for gifted girls in western Virginia.

Language and cultural barriers are sometimes difficult to overcome, some advocates say.

Close to 500 students were taking advantage of the vouchers when the state's Supreme Court struck them down.

About 90 percent of deaf children are born to parents who can hear, so the need is strong for good information, the center says.

Many of you may already be familiar with the Government Accountability Office, the congressional "watchdog" agency that recently released a report on restraints and seclusion. Less well-known is the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service, which communicates directly with Congress. Though funded with taxpayer dollars, that office's reports are not made available to the public in the same way that GAO reports are. To get them, you have to request them from your congressional office—assuming that you know what report to ask for, because there is no centralized list of all the CRS reports that are available unless you're willing to ...

These programs, created to lure people into hard-to-fill professions, are feeling the effects of a bad economy.

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