A voucher provision for military families is gone, but a new White House focus on the unique needs of the military may draw attention to children with disabilities in military families.

Special education advocates will have to be part of a conversation on educational efficiencies.

Requiring the state department of education to handle applications and process the funds may end the stand-off, school leaders say.

Demographics, funding levels and federal evaluations are included in the two-page documents on each state.

Lower Merion, a district in a suburb of Philadelphia, is accused of systematically tracking black students into special education classes.

Ensuring that students have access to the general curriculum has been a goal of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act since 1997.

Is there a conflict between self-sufficiency and learning skills such as Braille?

Response to intervention continues to have widespread interest.

A group that monitors special education dispute resolution said these states focused on resolving complaints early.

The Honolulu Star-Advertiser has written a series of stories examining the results of the state's revamped special education program.

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