Hawaii receives a stern warning from the U.S. Department of Education that the state is not living up to its $75 million Race to the Top award.

The greatest proportion of charter schools, about 42 percent, close for financial reasons, followed by mismanagement, and academic problems, the Center for Education Reform says.

A proposed constitutional amendment in Florida could clear the way for more private school vouchers, critics say.

Republican Gov. Rick Synder has signed into law a proposal, backed by the state's GOP-led legislature, that will remove caps on charter school growth.

A Florida circuit court judge rejects the language of a proposed constitutional amendment that would end a ban on public money going to religious institutions. But Florida's Attorney General says she will make a wording change.

The federal government's rejection of Florida's early-learning Race to the Top grant drew a sharply worded response from Gov. Rick Scott.

The No Child Left Behind Act contributed to a major increase in student performance initially, but those those gains have leveled off, a new report argues.

Medicaid is consumer a larger share of state spending, while the portion going to K-12 education has fallen, according to the National Association of State Budget Officers.

A Miami Herald series investigates potential conflicts of interest and alleged insider business dealings at the state's charter schools.

A school-funding lawsuit filed by MALDEF, an advocacy system for Latino communities, comes the same year that Texas lawmakers imposed major budget cuts on K-12.


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