On Sunday, May 15, CNN will air the documentary "Don't Fail Me," which follows three elite, high-achieving students as they attempt to pursue their academic dreams—and face major challenges along the way.

Phil Handy, an influential former Florida state board of education official, is helping Tim Pawlenty's campaign for president. Handy worked on John McCain's 2008 campaign for the White House.

Paul Pastorek, the Louisiana state schools chief who won praise for setting new and more demanding academic standards in his state, has resigned from that post. He will go to work for an aerospace and defense contractor.

Paul Pastorek, who as served as Louisiana's state superintendent of schools since 2007, is expected to resign, sources tell the Associated Press. Test scores have improved under Pastorek though he has occasionally angered state lawmakers.

A recent measure signed into law by Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels will switch local school board elections from the spring to the fall.

Funders at a "policy summit" on school choice said that they view the financing of voucher programs and charter schools as a way to promote competition in American education.

As debates over public pension systems play out in California and around the country, a new study shows that many workers in the state have quite generous retirement benefits, compared to the private sector. Teachers' benefits? Not as much.

California Gov. Jerry Brown has proposed placing a series of tax extensions and increases on the ballot, but GOP lawmakers won't budge. Schools could be looking at cuts, as a result.

A Cato Institute scholars says Indiana's far-reaching voucher law will detract from the academic freedom offered to private schools.

A study finds that a landmark Michigan policy, which sought to create more level funding between rich and poor districts, helped students in the poor districts academically, but appears to have hurt those in wealthier systems.


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