Gov. Rick Perry rolled to an easy victory in yesterday's primary in Texas. Republican voters there apparently preferred sending him onto a possible third, four-year term, over handing the nomination for the state's top office to U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison or to Debra Medina, a favorite of Texas' Tea Party activists. The governor captured 51 percent of the vote, just enough to avoid a runoff. Now Gov. Perry, who ran an anti-Washington campaign against the two-term senator, will take on Democrat Bill White, Houston's former mayor who coasted to victory in yesterday's primary. The general election is in ...

Texas voters go to polls in Republican primary to choose between incumbent Gov. Rick Perry, U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, and Libertarian candidate Debra Medina.

So the Race to the Top finals are FINALLY here. All the hype, hoopla, and hysteria is about to reach its peak in a day or so when the Education Department reveals which states have made the finalist cut for Round One of the $4 billion contest for the coveted economic-stimulus grants. Michele McNeil (of Politics K-12 fame) and I thought we'd use some NCAA-like bracketology in honor of the fast-approaching March Madness tournament to make our picks for finalists and winners. You can see our lineup in the snazzy graphic that Laura Baker of the EdWeek art department designed ...

Achieve, Inc. will release its annual report in Washington

California governor names a Democrat and long-time adviser to the largely powerless, $175,000-a-year post.

Testifying in favor of a ban on certain ethnic studies courses in public schools, Tom Horne refers to Dolores Huerta as the ex-girlfriend of United Farm Workers founder Cesar Chavez.

President Obama is expected to discuss his priorities for renewal of the federal education law as he meets with the nation's governors.

Governors used face time with the U.S. Secretary of Education in Washington this weekend to praise his policies and plug their states' bids for Race to the Top funds..

A coalition of school districts and statewide education groups in California is playing a little hardball with Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger over the Republican chief executive's latest budget proposal. Ticked off by what they estimate would be a $3.1 billion blow to the state's K-12 budget if lawmakers agree to the governor's spending plan, the coalition, calling itself the Education Management Group, fired off a six-page letter to Education Secretary Arne Duncan that essentially seeks to rat out the governor for what they say amounts to a budget shell game that hurts schools. (Indisputably, public schools in California have been ...

I know, I know, it seems like an absurd headline. All those union members alone (not to mention a legislature dominated by Democrats) would appear to make New Jersey one of the least likely jurisdictions to embrace the polarizing issue of private school vouchers. But the election of Gov. Chris Christie--who promoted school choice throughout his campaign against incumbent Jon Corzine, a Democrat--will at least ensure that vouchers get debated. Gov. Christie, a Republican, has chosen a well-known crusader for school choice as his education commissioner: Bret Schundler,a former mayor of Jersey City. Tomorrow, as Mr. Schundler is scheduled ...


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