The two national teachers' unions both made the top 25 givers to state elections in 2014.

Jindal's Jan. 30 executive order is the latest step in the ongoing battle the Louisiana governor has waged against the standards and tests.

Some school districts participating in the 2014 discussion session about the topic estimated that up to 5 percent of their students are misclassified.

The resolution says the federal government is acting like a national school board and asks the GOP-controlled Congress to return K-12 authority to the states.

Four districts and one county education office in California say the state must provide more financial aid to local K-12 agencies to help them implement state assessments.

Arguably the most hostile relationship in state education politics could be fundamentally altered by Indiana legislators' current plans.

It's unclear what the state party's resolution will mean for the common core in the Evergreen State, which happens to be the home of prominent common-core supporter Bill Gates.

"The assistant principal has to be well-rounded and understand instruction well enough" to prod teachers to foster better results in the classroom, says one official.

The number of states that exert direct control over districts' choice of instructional materials through state funding has dipped from roughly 25 to 18 in recent years.

A recent report from the Education Commission of the States takes a look at how four states are innovatively or effectively tackling the various achievement gaps among students.


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