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Teacher Training Needs Heavier Focus on ELLs

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That's the subtext of this must-read blog item by colleague Mary Ann Zehr over at Learning the Language. Zehr profiles this GAO report, which found that many teacher training programs devote at least one course to techniques for working with students with disabilities, but far fewer—about one in five&mdash devote similar attention to English-language learners.

One hopes that will change in the future, perhaps spurred by new reporting requirements in the Higher Education Act that require programs to set goals for increasing the number of teachers trained to work with SWDs and ELLs.

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This is good news that has been a long time coming.
ELLS apart there is another poorly used psychology resource in teaching language.
Neurolinguistic Programmes NLP.

An excellent book written for teachers has just gone on sale at Amazon.
'Teaching using NLP'
(psychology coaching)

Filled with practical applications and classroom creative teaching

Ray Trevor Twine M.A a behavior Psychologist

The author has spent 20 years in clinical psychology combined with a hobby in teaching. Proving the value of NLP so the book is quite a resource for new and mature teachers.

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