The Memphis Teacher Residency produces teachers that outperform the average veteran teacher in the state with students in grades 4-8, and in math and science specifically, according to an analysis of teacher-preparation programs released last week by Tennessee's higher education commission.

Education schools within the Minnesota State Colleges and University system must comply with an open-records request and allow an outside research and advocacy organization to copy them, a judge ruled.

Union strength varies due to a complex mix of factors, a new report asserts.

"Value added" gauges of teacher performance at the middle and high school level seem prone to certain kinds of bias.

A survey from teacher-policy group Teach Plus points to differences in how "new majority" teachers—teachers with fewer than 10 years of experience who now make up more than half the teaching force—view aspects of their profession, compared with their veteran peers holding 11 or more years of experience. The new-majority teachers were generally more receptive than veterans to the accountability movement (student data, evaluations)and its implications for teacher policy, but they also hold some traditional opinions on working conditions. For instance, they agree with their veteran peers that improved professional development would help them do a better...

Teacher-compensation experiments continue to proliferate from big districts to small ones.

Many districts and teachers' unions in Michigan don't appear to have refashioned their pay schedules in accordance with a 2010 state law, while others have met the letter of the law's requirements but not its spirit, contends an analysis by a free-market think tank.

The NCTQ will enlist college students to help complete its review of teacher preparation programs.

In response to complaints, the Denver district is revising language in its teacher-evaluation system that described a "distinguished" teacher as one who "encourages students to challenge and question the dominant culture" and "take social action to change/improve society or work for social justice," The Washington Times reports. District and union officials both said the language didn't properly reflect the concept they were trying to convey: that the best teachers help students view and analyze information critically. They've updated the framework as a response, the newspaper reports. It is easy to dismiss this episode as just another volley in the ...

This item originally appeared on the Charters & Choice news blog. By Sean Cavanagh Seven years ago, the United Federation of Teachers in New York opened a charter school that supporters hoped would show that charters need not renounce collective bargaining and other basic principles of organized labor in education to be successful. But now, the United Charter School's continued academic struggles have raised serious questions about whether its authorizer, the State University of New York's Board of Trustees, will agree to renew it, according to a detailed report by the GothamSchools blog. Recent documents have shown that the UFT school ...


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