After a contentious 2016 primary endorsement process, rank-and-file union members want to make sure their values will be reflected in 2020.

At the American Federation of Teachers' convention, Sanders condemned many of the president's actions and praised recent activism among workers, including the teacher strikes and protests.

Warren spoke to educators at the American Federation of Teachers' convention in Pittsburgh, saying that they're in a time of crisis.

Clinton, who was at the American Federation of Teachers' convention to accept the union's Women's Rights Award, urged educators to vote and stay civically engaged.

The American Federation of Teachers' biennial convention this weekend is happening in the wake of a Supreme Court blow.

During the National Education Association's annual representative assembly in Minneapolis, delegates voted to support labor actions and to establish a fund to support teacher strikes.

A new national survey by the RAND Corporation sheds some light on how teachers value feedback and classroom observations in evaluation systems.

Delegates of the National Education Association voted against opening NEA membership to community allies, or people "interested in advancing the cause of public education."

"This lawsuit will enable teachers like me to recover the agency fees that we were wrongly forced to pay against our will," said one of the plaintiffs.

Hogg, a survivor of the Feb. 14 school shooting, spoke at NEA's annual convention and called for teachers to get involved in civic action.


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