Federal negotiators wrestle with rulemaking that governs reporting on teacher-preparation programs.

As you may know, I'm tied up covering teacher-education rulemaking this morning. Fortunately, State EdWatch's Sean Cavanagh has some important news for you on New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's bold attempt to spur teacher-evaluation reform in the state by conditioning state aid on the finalization of such systems. Sean writes: As part of his budget plan, Cuomo said that school districts will not be eligible for a boost in funding he's offering unless they have implemented the new teacher-evaluation process by Jan. 17, 2013. (See page 27 of the budget document.) In order for that to happen, the state and ...

A new labor agreement could help the state save its $75 million Race to the Top award after the U.S. Department of Education threatened to take the money away for missing key milestones.

AFT has concerns about ESEA fiscal-equity proposals.

New York City schools Chancellor Dennis M. Walcott has lobbed the next volley in an escalating conflict with the teachers' union over a new evaluation system.

The U.S. Department of Education has selected the panelists who will write new regulations for the reporting requirements for teacher preparation programs.

House Republicans want to limit spending on class size reduction to 10 percent of a district's Title II allocation, something not likely to please teachers' unions.

Dennis Van Roekel responds to criticism from members about an op-ed he penned with TFA's Wendy Kopp.

States, institutions, and the federal government are starting to generate new data on teacher education to meet the requirements of the Higher Education Act's 2008 rewrite.

Just in case you didn't get enough with our list of EdWeek's top ten teacher stories for 2011, all scrupulously reported by yours truly, I'm presenting here a list of the most-read blog items at Teacher Beat for the 2011 year. Several of these rivaled "full" EdWeek stories in popularity, so getting on this list is nothing to sneeze at. Teach For America, as always, shows up several times, as does our very popular coverage of the National Education Association's convention. In an ironic twist of fate, the not-very-PR-friendly soap opera between those two organizations also showed up. Items on ...


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