Even before delegates get to vote on a teacher evaluation policy, NEA chiefs have modified it.

A preview of the 2011 NEA Representative Assembly

The American Association of School Administrators has agreed to help districts implement an American Federation of Teachers-designed system in which teacher evaluations are linked to professional development, remediation, and dismissal.

Big news today on the teacher-training front, as colleague Alyson Klein reports over at the Politics K-12 blog. In essence, a bill introduced by three U.S. senators would create a new program to aid states to set up an authority to approve teacher-preparation "academies." Such academies could be within or outside of higher education, would serve high-needs schools and subjects, have high entry standards, require a yearlong "residency" or in-school apprenticeship, and require their teacher-candidates to show they can advance student achievement during that time. They would also fall under a separate program-approval and -review process from other institutions ...

Pension plans for teachers in charter schools vary widely, from state plans to nothing at all, a new analysis from the Thomas B. Fordham Institute finds.

Details remain sketchy about how a Michigan "recovery" school district will affect the city's teachers and teachers' union.

Lawmakers passed a series of technical changes to Illinois' teacher-evaluation bill to secure union support.

The teachers' unions don't like U.S. Secretary of Education's plan to offer relief from NCLB in exchange for reform.

A study by a Missouri researcher finds that students in schools of education receive significantly higher grades that students in other areas of study. The difference was half to nearly a full letter grade higher.

A report on district spending patters shows most teachers aren't compensated for taking on additional roles and responsibilities


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