The Oklahoma Education Association unveiled its legislative demands for a teacher pay raise and increased education funding. But many teachers worry it's not enough.

Has West Virginia's teacher strike started a movement? Arizona teachers are wearing red today to protest low wages. A strike could be imminent.

The Oklahoma Education Association originally gave the state legislature an April 23 deadline to pass a pay raise for teachers, but after public outcry, the state accelerated the deadline to April 2.

Union supporters have claimed that strikes and labor unrest could happen more frequently if the Supreme Court rules against mandatory union fees. But experts aren't so sure.

There is overwhelming support for a statewide teacher walkout to push for higher pay, according to an online survey by the Oklahoma Education Association.

The statewide teacher strike could end today if both chambers of the legislature pass the bill to deliver a 5 percent raise to all school employees.

An "unintended consequence" of teacher-evaluation and teacher-tenure reform might be that fewer candidates are pursuing careers in teaching, researchers found.

In the midst of West Virginia's eight-day-and-counting teacher walkout, Oklahoma educators gear up for a strike of their own.

The West Virginia Senate trimmed the proposed pay raise for teachers from 5 percent to 4 percent, prompting union officials to declare that the strike will continue indefinitely.

Public schools in West Virginia are closed despite a deal that was supposed to end the teacher strike today.


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