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July 23, 2010

Rhee to Dismiss Hundreds of Teachers for Poor Performance

D.C.'s school chancellor moves to lay off more than 300 teachers, mostly for poor performance.

March 29, 2010

Turnaround-Inspired Teacher Firings on Tap in Ga.

It's Central Falls all over again! Savannah, Ga., will remove all the teachers in a high school and hire back no more than half the staff, per the terms of the Obama administration's School Improvement Grants, the Atlanta Constitution reports. National Education Association President Dennis Van Ro...

March 08, 2010

R.I. Teacher Drama May Be Nearing Conclusion

It looks like the teachers and administrators in Central Falls, R.I., are back at the bargaining table to work out a plan for transforming the school. Jay Mathews at the WaPo apologizes for missing the 50 percent teacher-rehiring clause in a recent column. But he's not the only one who made this er...

March 04, 2010

L.A. to Lay Off Teachers, as Seniority Questions Mount

Everyone is all a-twitter (ha!) over the Race to the Top Finalists. But there's another approaching phenomenon that has the potential to affect as many teachers as RTTT, if not more: Layoffs. Exhibit A: Los Angeles has sent out pink slips to 5,200 teachers. Some of those jobs could be saved if the...

February 24, 2010

UPDATED: 'Turnaround' Not Only Policy Issue in R.I. Teacher Firings

The decision of Central Falls, R.I., Superintendent Frances Gallo to fire every teacher in a high school building is making big headlines in Rhode Island, attracting outrage from teachers' unions and from AFT President Randi Weingarten, and becoming a big education reform story now that The New York...

February 12, 2010

Houston Approves Use of Test Scores in Teacher Dismissals

Under protest from some teachers, the Houston board of education last night approved a policy to permit the nonrenewal of contracts for teachers whose students make insufficient academic growth on the state test.

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