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June 29, 2009

Washington Post Article on Peer Review

As a reporter, it's always irritating to discover that another paper has beaten you to a story you've had in mind, in this case following a teacher through the peer-assistance and -review process. Nevertheless, this Washington Post article is a pretty thorough look at things in Montgomery County, Md...

June 09, 2009

Duncan: Test Scores and Evaluations Not Mutually Exclusive

Not long ago, I did a story pointing out that some states have passed laws that basically prohibit the linking of student- and teacher-data systems. New York and California are the high-profile examples. Presumably, these data could inform a variety of different initiatives, both low- and high-stak...

June 08, 2009

Using Teacher-Evaluation Data

The New Teacher Project had a really interesting study out not long ago on teacher evaluation that found that pretty much all teachers get high ratings on local evaluation instruments. This is something of a portent for things to come, since one of the stimulus assurances will probably deal with thi...

April 08, 2009

Common Ground on D.C. Evaluations?

The Washington Post has this story up about the new teacher-evaluation system that D.C. Chancellor Michelle Rhee and her team are devising. The story does a good job talking about the benefits and perils of a "value added" system that uses test-score growth to estimate teacher effectiveness, a mode...

April 06, 2009

Teacher-Evaluation Reporting: Where Are the Teeth?

Andy Rotherham has a thoughtful post on the teacher-evaluation reporting proposal that the Education Department will soon be opening for public comment. Rotherham's worry, and it's a legitimate one, is that this new reporting requirement in and of itself won't have much of an effect: "Federal poli...

March 16, 2009

Talk of Teacher Evaluation

Dan Willingham offers an interesting conceptual analysis on how to improve teacher evaluation here. Essentially, he says that the diagnostic can go both ways, either by over- or under-identifying which teachers aren't performing up to snuff. Finding the appropriate balance is tricky, and the unions ...

March 11, 2009

Indiana District OKs Peer Review

Talk about good timing: The Anderson, Ind., school district has become the first peer- assistance and -review program in the Hoosier State. Like the Toledo, Ohio, peer-review program, the Anderson PAR will provide targeted assistance to new teachers and to struggling veterans through a combination...

March 09, 2009

Teacher-Data Reports in New York City

Lots of divergent reactions to the teacher-data report cards in New York City, see here and here. Per Elizabeth Green over at Gotham Schools, the city wants to extend the initiative for another year. (Hat tip to Elizabeth for breaking this and following it up on her blog.) These reports are based o...

October 07, 2008

Middle Ground on Evaluations

Eduwonkette has an interesting post up about the dismissal of a popular Wilson High School teacher. She suggests that this situation shows the weakness in D.C. schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee's strategy to permit principals more say over the hiring, firing, and remediation of teachers. If princip...

October 01, 2008

Achievement Data in Teacher Evaluation

I recently did a story on two states, Idaho and Georgia, that are moving to standardize their teacher-evaluation processes through the use of performance-based frameworks. These frameworks spell out what good teaching should look like and what types of evidence evaluators should consider in making d...

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