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February 10, 2010

Houston Considers Ending Master's "Pay Bump"

Houston chief Terry Grier considers whether granting pay bumps to teachers who hold master's degrees is cost-effective.

January 26, 2010

Arizona State University Teams Up With Teach For America

Exciting news in teacher preparation this week. First, Arizona State University has announced that it will work with Teach For America to inform its own teacher-preparation program. A press release from ASU says that it will adopt the national alternative-route program's tools, including its recru...

January 11, 2010

Licensing Changes in Indiana Emphasize Content

Indiana's licensing board approved changes that will require teacher candidates to take more content-area coursework.

January 07, 2010

Lessons for Education Schools

This week's edition of Education Week has a really interesting Commentary about improving education schools. The authors, Robert Maranto, Gary Ritter and Arthur Levine outline five "lessons learned" for education schools gleaned from the transformation of business schools after the 1950s into highl...

November 20, 2009

Fla. Uses Test Data to Review Teacher Preparation

U.S. Secretary of Arne Duncan has been praising Louisiana's model for using "value-added" data to gauge the strengths of its various education programs, but it looks like a bunch of other states are coming on board, too. First, we heard that Texas had plans to do something similar, also using valu...

November 16, 2009

Bill Would Amend, Expand Troops to Teachers

Federal legislation would expand a program that encourages ex-military officials to shift into the classroom.

November 03, 2009

Two on Teacher Preparation

Two recent news stories illustrate nicely two ways of looking at teacher preparation: an "output"-oriented view of teacher preparation that focuses on student achievement, and an input-oriented one that focuses on credentials and curriculum. Texas is looking to institute a state system for approvi...

October 22, 2009

Duncan to Reiterate Criticisms of Teacher Education

Education Secretary Arne Duncan doesn't appear poised to go easier on schools of education in remarks he's making this morning at Columbia University's Teachers College. As you may recall, his remarks earlier this month on the theme caught some flak from the teacher-ed community. News of this morni...

October 15, 2009

Teachers' Colleges Respond to Duncan Remarks

I checked in with the president of the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education today to get some feedback on what her members thought about Education Secretary Arne Duncan's speech on teacher colleges. Overall, she said, her members were disappointed in the tenor of the speech and hop...

October 14, 2009

Rhode Island Beefs Up Entry Teacher Test

Rhode Island announces that it will beef up the test it uses to admit candidates to schools of education.

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