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King Of Smug


Eduwonk tries to make light of being called smug (and intentionally bewildering) in a recent letter to the Washington Post (The Reviews Are In!). But the description isn't that far off. Ever more, Eduwonk's never wrong, never unsure, never not in the know. All that from a meager year spent turning off the lights at the end of the Clinton administration.



Why is it that you never miss a chance to take a pot shot at Rotherham? What's the reason for the bad blood between you? It's uncomfortable to watch.

Is there a feud I don't know about?

A brief glance at the original poster and site that raised the issue should tell you a bit more about the nature of this gripe.

Whereas you might find little value in a never wrong, never unsure, never not in the know website, I like that approach a lot better than usually wrong, mostly milquetoast and often ignorant.

But maybe I'm in the minority.

Matthew K. Tabor
[email protected]


I'm unfamiliar with Ed Sector folks' role in the late 90s education landscape, but you've sparked my curiosity. I will look into this. Can you give me some tips on where to look? And this feud--is it so?--is intriguing.


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