A leader in the charter school movement says instead of focusing on facilities and increasing electives high schools should do more to ensure students graduate with college credit.

The majority of after-school programs surveyed by Afterschool Alliance indicated that finding qualified staff was the biggest barrier to offering students computer science.

Three school superintendents in California received the Summer Matters Superhero Award this month for their work to provide high quality summer learning opportunities for their students.

Through this program, students can choose whether or not to complete family-oriented weekly assignments.

The dog who inspired the curriculum lost a leg due to mistreatment from other dogs and neglect from his owner and provides a visual example of the ways bullying can do real harm.

The Building STEPS program works with students at nine Baltimore City Schools who show promise but need a little help to make it to college.

A new study by the Center for American Progress finds that typical school schedules place hardships on working parents by averaging 29 days off a year excluding summer recess.

Students enrolled in the Early High School program at Littleton High School in Littleton, Colo., will take a mix of advanced 8th grade courses and typical 9th grade classes.

The report looked at data for children in kindergarten through 3rd grade during the 2012-2013, 2013-2014, and 2014-2015 school years and found a correlation between attendance and the ability to read at grade level.

Organizers say these clubs are designed to teach students about critical thinking not to introduce them to Satanism.


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