Excerpt: A Los Angeles school district official describes how research informed the district's college readiness initiatives. Interview part 1 of 2.

Research on college going patterns and college counseling resources in Los Angeles has important implications for practice.

A state department official outlines how the state as part of a research-practice partnership can contribute to teacher improvement.

A collaborative convening drives new research agenda on professional learning in Tennessee.

A school district official comments on the benefits and value of his local research-practice partnership.

A Madison-based research-practice partnership studies impacts of local 4K program.

An Oregon school district starts several initiatives in an effort to provide more equitable AP programming.

A study finds disproportionate participation in Advanced Placement courses in Oregon school district.

The UTeach teacher preparation program produces effective STEM teachers, a recent study finds.

A study examines the effectiveness of the UTeach STEM teacher preparation programs compared to other programs in Texas.


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