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Young people today can't write a clear 5-sentence memo devoid of grammatical and spelling errors.

Don't assume that Hispanics are a monolith when designing programs aimed at improving educational outcomes.

We do a terrible disservice to students when we try to protect them from failure.

Religion is a personal matter that should not be associated with a public school's official position.

What happens when teachers are trying, but students aren't buying?

Ethnic studies programs deserve a place in high school as long as they do not deliberately promote resentment.

Teachers need ample paid days off to maintain their physical and mental health.

Idealism is not enough to prepare new teachers for the realities of the classroom.

A rigorous classical education is not suitable for most high schools in the country.

Public schools are supposed to be answerable to voters - not to for-profit corporations alone.

It's time to reconsider eliminating 12th grade because young people today are more sophisticated than ever before.

Ill thought out action about closing failing schools is worse than no action at all.

Although districts serving needy students deserve more per-pupil funding than those serving affluent students, it's still important to have realistic expectations about outcomes.


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