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Equal opportunity for all children is a slogan that can never become a reality in this country.

Placing video cameras in every classroom is reminiscent of Jeremy Bentham's Panopticon of the late 18th century.

Teachers often leave an indelible imprint on students in ways not reflected in the tests in widespread use.

Quality newspapers and magazines can develop critical thinking in students.

It's hard to sympathize with charter school teachers because they knew what they signed up for.

Big money essentially shapes educational policy.

It's hard to fight others when you feel close to them.

If teachers are constrained in their teaching methods, students will be shortchanged.

The reductio ad absurdum of the school accountability movement can be seen in manufacturing companies.

The record shows that state takeover of failing schools has not resulted in significant improvement.

Self-selection contaminates the results of charter school success.

The only defensible way of evaluating teachers is through a panel of certified peers.

If I had children, I'd advise them to take a hard look inside themselves to see if they've thought through the probable outcome of taking on heavy student debt for a degree that is not likely to open doors to their dream job.


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