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Frequent short tests cannot yield big educational benefits unless they attempt to measure the desired outcomes.

"I've always believed that principals are not the proper evaluators of teachers."

Erisa needs to be revised to apply to all public employers in order to protect teacher pensions.

The new school year offers teachers an unprecedented opportunity to prepare their students for college and career and the real possibility of losing their jobs.

The quantifiable benefits of field trips are greatest for disadvantaged students from rural areas and high poverty schools.

It's easy to design a standardized test that can engineer practically any desired results.

Emotional intelligence can matter more than academic intelligence in success, both in school and beyond.

Creativity and grammar are compatible.

Fiscal policy and corporate accountability play a far more important role than educational attainment in determining economic growth.

I don't know how children from impoverished backgrounds manage to get through the school day.

There are unavoidable costs associated with parental choice that are given short shrift.

The only way to draw valid inferences about test results is to allow sufficient time for teachers to adjust their instruction.

Students have to take responsibility for their part in learning.


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