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One day, historians will look back at the SAT as a curious relic of assessment.

Collective bargaining for teachers' unions today is over the sop thrown to them.

Magnet schools are a viable model to satisfy all stakeholders.

If we want to create equitable distribution of teachers, we have to make conditions for teaching in schools serving poor and minority students so attractive that few will refuse the opportunity to teach there.

Students who lack the ability to satisfy the minimal requirements for an associate's degree would be better served by certificate or apprenticeship programs.

The fairest policy is to make seniority one consideration in teacher lay offs.

Few students have nothing in their backgrounds they are ashamed of.

Students who thrive in a military school would be at sea in Summerhill.

It's impossible to know if the socioeconomic composition of the student body or the curriculum came first.

If students feel too overwhelmed in college, they sometimes drop out, but struggling can sometimes be a way of evolving.

Learning is a partnership between teachers, parents and students.

For the overwhelming majority of students, algebra is as necessary for success as Latin or Greek.


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