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I cannot understand why guidance counselors deserve even less free-speech protection than classroom teachers.

It's incumbent on teachers to make it clear at the outset what their students will be expected to do at the conclusion of instruction.

The best teachers avoid schools with large numbers of disadvantaged students because teaching there is extraordinarily hard.

How would parents who reject vaccinations feel if their decision caused their children to die?

Regardless of the reasons for non-illness absences, the burden to make up the work missed is always on the teachers.

Reconstitution makes all teachers vulnerable to favoritism.

Tax-credit scholarships are an end-run around the will of the people.

If efficiency is the best way to evaluate schools, why not just put all teachers on straight commission?

So much of the connection between teachers and students is the result of chemistry, which no school of education can teach.

Recruiting more men into the classroom will not change the attitude of most people who still regard teaching as a sinecure.

The fact that the Baltimore Teachers Union approved the new pay system is further evidence that teachers' unions are not obstructionists.

Positive results in the short run do not necessarily prevail in the long run.

Students have been led to believe that they have no responsibility whatsoever for learning.


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