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Once private schools accept government aid, they should be required to administer the same standardized tests that public schools do.

There is a distinct difference between teaching to the broad body of knowledge and skills that a test attempts to measure and teaching to the actual questions on a test.

Racial awareness workshops are no substitute for the experience of daily interacting with students from different races.

It's important not to get carried away by alarmist claims about the shortage of STEM workers.

It's one thing for teachers to be responsible for identifying homeless students but quite another to expect them to follow through.

It's unrealistic to expect urban districts to compete with suburban districts.

The SAT writing section measures speed more than depth.

Five weeks of training are hardly sufficient to prepare teachers for the realities of the classroom.

Standardized tests provide invaluable diagnostic information, but that's not how they're being used.

The best way to prevent principals from giving the worst classes to teachers they don't like for one reason or another is to have a policy of random assignment of students.

Parents have the right - indeed, the duty - to send their children to any school that best meets their unique needs and interests.

If teaching is a sinecure, then why is teacher turnover so high?


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