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The decrease in violence in city schools is no reason to remove metal detectors.

Individual needs and interests are compatible with definitions for literacy and numeracy.

The debate over the presence of teachers' unions in charter schools is a red herring.

Learning can take place in diverse classroom settings, but following certain basic rules is indispensable.

Salaries of $100,000 are enticing, but at what price?

Despite changes, the SAT must engineer score spread in order to stay in business.

The debate over whether great teachers are born or made is irrelevant.

The cost of housing deters top educators from accepting positions in cities.

Sexual passion and rational thinking do not mix any more than oil and water.

Social impact bond results seem too good to be true.

The issue is not where education takes place, but if it takes place.

For many students, music, art, theater and dance are their entire lives.

If traditional public schools were allowed to operate by the same set of rules as charter schools, there would be little, if any, differences between them.


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