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Students who pose a clear and present danger to others forfeit their right to be in regular classes.

It's scandalous that disabled students are deprived of their right to a free, appropriate education by some school districts.

If public schools in the United States are as bad as critics allege, then why do so many parents abroad willingly pay thousands of dollars to enroll their children here?

There are more productive and humane ways of correcting unacceptable behavior than using corporal punishment.

Local school boards are legally bound to provide a sound education to all students - not merely to those whose parents constitute the majority.

Controlled choice is fairer than redrawing enrollment boundaries to integrate schools.

Giving out degrees based on diluted standards devalues their worth and gives their holders an inflated sense of their ability.

All students are educable, but there will always be a wide range of outcomes.

Teachers want to make their classes interesting, but they don't dare go too far if they want to remain employed.

It's a wonder anyone is willing to substitute in public schools.

Doing one's very best in school is good enough.

Court-supported parental choice is an opportunity for Catholic schools to compete with charter schools for students.

When education is considered an entitlement, it has unintended negative consequences.


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