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Rather than demonize standardized tests, improve their quality and use them for diagnostic purposes.

No state can fully control factors in the homes and neighborhoods of students that are responsible for differences in student performance.

Emotional intelligence can go only so far in achieving success in school.

Integrating public schools can only succeed when parents of all races support it.

Technology can make learning more enjoyable and effective if it is done right.

No good deed goes unpunished when teachers try to enrich their instruction.

Schools will be damned if they do and damned if they don't under new rules for evaluation.

The large percentage of students from high schools in affluent suburbs who need to take remedial classes in college calls into question assumptions about their reputation.

Teachers are not hired to be police, parent, and psychologist.

Local school board accountability is restricted to fairness and finances.

There are no miracles in education reform, as much as we want to believe in them.

Writing under pressure is de rigueur for professional journalists, but it is unrealistic for high school seniors.

Is it defensible to deprive students of a high school diploma based on subjective scoring of an exit exam?


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