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A school year with one-week breaks distributed periodically would enhance learning.

Issuing different high school diplomas is recognition of reality.

Higher salaries might help recruit the best college graduates to teaching, but they are not enough to retain top talent.

Great teachers are virtuosos who cannot be made by even the best schools of education.

Knowledge alone is not enough to be effective in a public school classroom.

No lecture or textbook can ever compete with a well planned field trip.

When teachers form a personal bond with their students, it has the potential to improve attendance.

Until I read about a surefire way of keeping schools safe while at the same time protecting student dignity, I'll continue to support metal detector wanding.

If I had been more aware of cultural factors, I would have designed my lesson plans differently.

It's important not to let philanthropic organizations dictate school reform.

Professionally trained inspectors using the proper rubric can provide invaluable information to all stakeholders.

Vouchers used at private schools don't always produce superior student performance.

Educational historians are going to look back at our obsession with college with puzzlement.


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