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Gender-segregated schools have unintentional negative effects.

It's not how much money is spent on schools that matters, but how it is spent.

Vouchers were once used in New Zealand but had a series of unintended consequences.

Nothing worries parents more than violence on school campuses.

If students can't stand the heat, then they should stay out of the kitchen.

Whether the changes in the curriculum were due exclusively to progressivism or to other factors is still not completely clear.

If observations of teachers are not done by certified personnel, evaluations need to be viewed skeptically.

Traditional public schools cannot possibly compete with private schools.

The secretary of education should not be a cheerleader for charter schools.

It's time to stand up to those who oppose banning classics because of offensive content.

As long as local control of education exists, there will always be huge gaps between standardized test scores and classroom grades.

Literacy is more than an important outcome of education.

If teaching in public schools is such a plum, then why can't districts fill their classrooms?


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