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Spending billions on out-of-school factors will result in better school performance.

The vast majority of black and Hispanic parents demand school choice.

It is impossible to maintain the typical five-class-a-day schedule for years on end without running the risk of burnout.

Grants of $20,000 to recruit teachers in high-demand subjects may not pan out as expected.

In an attempt to diversify the student body, elite high schools will undermine the excellence of their curriculum.

It's time to investigate the Bureau of Indian Education for allowing scandalous educational conditions to persist.

It's time for young people to get real about their future by examining the actual job market.

Children with disabilities deserve more than a minimal education but not the best education money can buy.

It's how the Department of Education operates rather than its mere existence that should be the focus of the debate.

Teachers unions are unwittingly digging their own graves by opposing reasonable changes to school rules.

If competition has not improved customer satisfaction in airlines, banking, cable TV and the like, why would it do any better in education?

Black students who want to learn are denied the opportunity because schools are fearful of being sued when there are disparate disciplinary outcomes.

Money alone will not improve the teacher workforce.


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