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Deep and lasting learning can best come from the relationship between teachers and their students.

Only the U.S. places such great emphasis on athletics over academics.

Teachers placed in pools because of charges of incompetence or misconduct deserve speedy due process.

Homelessness is traumatic for children and challenging for teachers.

Studying for tests can be made less stressful and more productive if teachers give their students a list of the objectives for the material taught.

Teachers should not feel guilty taking a day off for their mental health.

If teachers have it so good, then why don't critics become teachers?

Teachers can no longer act in loco parentis in addressing safety issues.

Allowing students to receive a four-year degree when they can't pass remedial exams is academic fraud.

The best way to learn how to write effectively is to read extensively.

Learning that life is not fair is no reason to teach young people that they are victims.

Teachers' unions have a unique opportunity to show that they are not hidebound in their policy about their members' rights.

Algebra remains the single greatest obstacle for both high school and community college graduation.


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