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October 01, 2011

Gender Earnings Gap Narrows

That's the good news. The bad news is the narrowing comes about only because male earnings declined. Nice analysis in the NYT: The recession was bad for everyone, but women experienced at least one silver lining: Their median earnings edged a bit closer to men's. The progress was bittersweet, howe...

September 27, 2011

How the Recession Plays Out in Reading, Pa.

New York Times profiles Reading, a small city with the nation's highest poverty rate. Sad story, but it is instructive to see how the male/breadwinner, education gap and marriageable mate issues play out in a place like Reading: Young men have been particularly hard hit. Because they are having tro...

September 06, 2011

The Confluence of Economics, Gender, Education, and Politics

You'll see it in President Obama's upcoming speech about proposals for creating jobs. The White House is all too aware of the growing political disaffection of working-class white males. Absent job creation, Obama has little hope of winning that group. Why? Because of social and economic trends th...

August 23, 2011

Fallout from the 'Mancession'

University of Kansas researcher documents the impact of the Great Recession on men who lost their breadwinner identify. As researcher Tom Mortenson told me once, men work. It's what we do. And we're lost when we lose that role. From the press release: The acute economic downturn that began in 200...

August 12, 2011

British-style Riots Possible in the U.S.?

Thousands of nothing-to-lose males neglected by an education system and facing no job prospects in a society where the richer keep getting richer and poor keep getting poorer. That's the situation in Britain ... and the U.S. Some essays that explore the anger, in the Chronicle and Washington Post.

August 11, 2011

Another Economic Must-Read

Current Atlantic cover story, Can the Middle Class be Saved?, expertly lays out the special economic dilemma facing men. Especially compelling are the sections about the social implications: In a national study of the American family released late last year, the sociologist W. Bradford Wilcox wrote...

August 10, 2011

London Riots Linked to Boy Troubles?

I was resisting making the connection, but it is clearly there. Read the lead anecdote in this Times story. He learned to read only three years ago. Never held a job. In the Washington Post, columnist Courtland Milloy makes an interesting link between the flash mob of bankers and the flash mob of u...

August 05, 2011

Required Reading

This Brookings paper brings together all the factors that explain the declining economic status of men. Thanks to Christina Hoff Sommers for spotting this one.

July 12, 2011

Theories on the Lack of a 'Sherecovery'

First, as this Slate article points out, women have fared far better than men in the Great Recession. The gender difference favoring men has unfolded in the tepid recovery, where more men than women have found jobs. Is the answer as simple as more construction jobs returning? Doubtful. Some interes...

July 07, 2011

Interesting Employment Shift Among Men

What's new in this front page Washington Post story isn't that hiring is picking up faster for men. That's been clear for months. What's new is the anecdotal evidence of men beginning to apply for positions traditionally held by women. If the recent "mancession" truly has proven capable of influenci...

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