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June 25, 2010

Marriageable Mate a Culprit?

As the Washington Post points out, there's been a sharp rise in the percent of women over 40 who don't have children. The result of better job opportunities for women? That's the theory raised in the article. What never gets raised in the marriageable mate issue. How many of these women never found ...

June 10, 2010

The Atlantic Weighs in on the Gender Gap

In The End of Men, Hanna Rosin lays out the international case for why parents, societies and businesses are favoring women. Simply put, in a postindustrial society women make a better fit. When parents practice sex selection, they chose girls, not boys. Given yesterday's primary news, where women ...

June 09, 2010

Good Report ... But Missing Something

This Hechinger report about the diminished expectations for the children of the Great Recession does a good job laying out trends ranging from education attainment to job possibilities. But there's no mention of the obvious: males are especially impacted. With nearly 80 percent of the layoffs invol...

May 22, 2010

Story With a Happy Ending ... But It's Still About Marriageable Mates

Great piece -- a book review, really -- in The New York Times.

May 14, 2010

It's Not That She's Gay ...

Rather, Elena Kagan suffers from the marriageable mate effect, according to Post columnist Ruth Marcus.

April 12, 2010

The Prison Angle to the Marriageable Mate Dilemma

The Economist does a great job laying out the dilemma facing black women generated by incarceration rates, but oddly never considers the education angle. For middle class black women, that's a bigger driver. In cities such as Washington, college educated black women outnumber similarly educated blac...

April 05, 2010

Shifting Gender Balances and Marriage

Interesting column in today's Chronicle of Higher Education about how economic changes affecting men more than women are changing expectations about marriage and child raising. (password access). The column draws on material in Kathleen Gerson's new book, The Unfinished Revolution.

March 25, 2010

Now THERE'S a Daily News Lede

The New York tabloid takes on the marriageable mate dilemma.

March 24, 2010

Motivations to Marry (Or Not)

It's easy to find family formation experts who predict that the wide education gap between men and women will not affect marriage rates among whites, as it has among blacks. Given the sharp increase in the use of sperm banks among unmarried, college-educated white women, I'm skeptical of that optimi...

March 12, 2010

Gendercide: What happened to 100 million baby girls?

That's the cover from the Mr. 6-12 Economist, which continues to turn in great global reporting. Sex selection in China and India has produced gender imbalances that are far more dramatic than anything seen in this country (our closest: the gender imbalances among college-educated African Americans)...

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