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September 21, 2011

Boys Suffer More in High School Transition

The interesting study by Fordham Foundation on what happens to high achieving middle schoolers as they transition to high school (an alarming number take a performance dip) can be broken out by gender, as U.S. News shows. We already know that lower achieving boys suffer most during that transition,...

April 02, 2010

Working Class White Boys

This is a big story in England but generally an undiscovered one in this country. This Education Week story about rural "dropout factories" is excellent, except for ignoring the obvious gender angle. The data are there -- the main source for this article, researcher Thomas West, supplied some of t...

March 19, 2010

Mark Bauerlein On Gender Gaps

Writing in The Chronicle of Higher Education about an op-ed I wrote that appeared in the Dallas Morning News -- a reprint of what appeared originally in the Chronicle. Make sense? Probably not, but Bauerlein is always worth reading (especially when he agrees with me!).

February 08, 2010

Lookin' for Boys in all the Wrong Places....

This commentary I wrote for today's Chronicle of Higher Education fleshes out a little-known offshoot of the boy troubles found in many high-poverty high schools -- the ninth grade "bulge." That's where boys passed along in the early grades (regardless of how well they absorbed the material) run sm...



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