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August 28, 2011

No Differences Between Girls and Boys?

That's the conclusion of a new book, The Truth About Girls and Boys, written by 'boy troubles' skeptics Caryl Rivers and Rosalind Barnett. Title sound familiar? They just reversed the "boys and girls" in Sara Mead's famous Education Sector piece. Can't help but wonder how Mead feels about that. (I...

August 08, 2011

Avoiding Gender Stereotypes

The two writers who lead the 'pushback' movement -- arguing that the boy troubles are mostly a myth -- avoid the issue of boys (relatively) lagging in school in this Edweek discussion of gender stereotypes.

July 27, 2011

Single-Sex Education Critics Win National Award

For years, academics Caryl Rivers and Rosalind C. Barnett have pushed back against the notion that boys are experiencing academic problems. The Casey Journalism Center on Children and Families just awarded their commentaries an honorable mention. Here's one part, another and the third. I kept look...

June 30, 2011

'The Truth About Boys and Girls'

Sara Mead's 2006 paper from Education Sector questioning the "boy troubles" was a smash hit among national feminist groups that had been looking for facts and figures to counter the rising concerns about how boys were doing in school. One of their worries: if educators shift their focus to boys the ...

October 17, 2010

Canadians Taking a Hard Look at Their Boy Troubles

There's more interest in the gender gaps in Canada (and England, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere) than you find in the United States, despite the fact the gaps are roughly the same. I can't explain why. My only theory is that when the "boy troubles" first surfaced in this country they were seen...

September 30, 2010

Pay Equity: Part 53....

Sometimes I hesitate about blogging on this issue: it has nothing to do with the problem of boys falling behind in school. And yet, the national women's advocacy groups insist it does. Why worry about boys when women are paid less? That argument may be working ... something has to explain why the fe...

August 16, 2010

Vocabulary Builder: "neurosexism"

Neurosexism, I just learned, is a term used by those rebutting the idea that men and women are profoundly different. expecially when it comes to learning. The author of Delusions of Gender, Cordelia Fine, embraces that idea (and presumably would take exception to the new single sex school that just ...

June 24, 2010

'Pushback' Movement Fires Back Again

Caryl Rivers offers her skepticism about The Atlantic's piece, The End of Men. Yes, men still hold most of the power levers in business and politics, and probably will into the near future. But how relevant is that argument if the country fails to field its best team, including a lot of men who nee...

June 15, 2010

'Pushback' Explanation for Gifted Gap

Rosalind C. Barnett and Caryl Rivers, the chief architects for the "pushback movement," those saying boys are doing just fine in school, take on the New York City gifted gap, citing evidence that boys are more likely than girls to be privately tested for gifted programs. I don't have to hold a pro...

May 06, 2010

Retiring Maine Schools Chief Points to Boy Problems

But under her tenure the state botched a probe into the boy problems, allowing it to get steered into an exercise in political correctness. It's all in Why Boys Fail. An interview with Susan Gendron.

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