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July 15, 2011

Developments at The Boys Initiative

The Initiative produces a draft of its strategic plan. And then this news. From the website: On June 24 Dennis Barbour, The Boys Initiative EVP, participated in a day-long White House meeting on community-based initiatives The meeting was called to brief community leaders on various Administrati...

June 29, 2011

New Gender-and-the-Classroom Blog

Best thing about this blog is that it is written by David Chadwell, who has been overseeing the single-gender school experiment in South Carolina (maybe he's weary of my skepticism about single-sex classrooms). Regardless, his blog is a welcome addition. I get the feeling this issue is only going t...

May 06, 2011

Check out BAM! (Boys Advocacy and Mentoring)

I recently met Howard Hiton, one of the founders of the Portland (Ore.) based organization. Their book, BAM! and their website offer guidance to both teachers and parents. From the guidebook: We think of this curriculum as a kind of adventurer's guide into the mostly uncharted territory of facil...

November 27, 2010

New Blog on the Boy Troubles

The Boys Initiative, an outgrowth of the Men's Health Network, will take a broad look at the problems boys and men are having. An explainer from the blog creators: Welcome to our new blog. The Boys Initiative is an outgrowth of the Boys and Schools program, launched by the Men's Health Network in...

June 10, 2010

A reminder of this resource for anyone interested in a broad look at boys' issues, including health issues.

February 15, 2010

ReadWriteThink and Other Reading Issues

That's the name of this unique resource partially sponsored by the International Reading Association. I often get questions from parents looking for help with encouraging their sons to read. This is the kind of site I like to recommend. This debate in the New York Times about schools letting librar...

December 30, 2009


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