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November 02, 2011

Suspended From College?

Note: This is a guest post by Darryl Williams, principal of the Brighter Choice Charter Schools for Boys' elementary and middle school programs in Albany, New York. In a recent study highlighted by Dan Barrett in The Chronicle of Higher Education, it is suggested there may be a correlation betwe...

August 03, 2011

How To Reduce Suspensions (and help boys)

From the Edweek story on Baltimore: Baltimore recently has gained attention for cutting its dropout rate in half in just three years and actually bringing students back into school. Specifically, Maryland's state department of education reports that the Baltimore district's dropout rate declined fr...

July 23, 2011

School Discipline: Texas v. California

Interesting commentary that contrasts two approaches to school suspensions/expulsions.

July 19, 2011

Suspension/Expulsion Issue Heating Up

This is likely to be the new civil rights challenge, and it affects mostly boys. From the New York Times: Raising new questions about the effectiveness of school discipline, a report scheduled for release on Tuesday found that 31 percent of Texas students were suspended off campus or expelled at l...

May 26, 2011

School Suspensions (or worse)

As this Education Week discloses, six out of ten Texas seniors have been suspended (or worse). Doesn't disclose the gender ratio, but we already know that most of those are boys. During my book research I heard principals tell me that many of those boys act out deliberately -- better to be the expe...



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