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January 18, 2011

What the Obits Don't Say

I met Kay Mills while on a journalism fellowship at Stanford Fellowship. Great person, and a great writer. Her passing is sad. That doesn't excuse sloppy obit writers, however, from pointing out what they know first hand, which is that much has changed since she championed women in the newsroom. To...

December 21, 2010

The Recession: Women Bouncing Back Faster?

That's the conclusion here. The reasons: women are better educated, more suited to the contemporary workforce and didn't lose as many jobs during the recession.

December 10, 2010

'You Are What You Do'

I've heard Tom Mortenson, the wise man of the "boy troubles" issue, argue that this is the core issue/tragedy: bad things are happening to men around the world due to (overlapping) shifts in the economy and education. And men are stunned, because they are what they do. Men work because, well, that...

September 07, 2010

Women Outearning Men

Well, young single women anyway. Feminists hate this development because it draws attention away from their core issue -- the "pay gap" where men in (roughly) the same job out earn women. The operative word there is "roughly," which is why I stay away from that debate. This Slate writer goes right ...

September 06, 2010

Future Jobs Will Go to the Better Educated

Economists have been clear about this for some time. And yet we continue to see arguments about why we shouldn't worry about the higher education gender gap. Don't we always need more male plumbers and car mechanics. I'm still waiting for that argument to be made by a mechanic or plumber, rather tha...

September 02, 2010

A Sign of 'The End of Men'?

Or just a statistical quirk? This is not exactly news. We've known for some time that women in major cities outearn men. I consider this look at unmarried young women as somewhat significant. It reflects the reality that women are better educated. The long term implications, I suspect, are more pers...

July 29, 2010

Indirectly, Obama is Talking Boys Issues

His defense of Race to the Top here in the Times lays out the stark numbers behind the need to get an education beyond high school -- something far more males should be doing. From Obama's speech to the National Urban League: "It's an economic issue when the unemployment rate for folks who've neve...

July 18, 2010

What's Holding Women Back?

That's the headline atop an interesting New York Times discussion about why women are more hesitant than men in taking risks in business and technology -- an important topic considering the gender imbalances on campuses. With no leveling of those graduation gaps forecast in the near, or even distant...

July 07, 2010

Women Ruling the World?

More on the diminishing fortunes of men in Newsweek: American women are already the breadwinners or co-breadwinners in two thirds of American households; in the European Union, women filled 75 percent of the 8 million new jobs created since 2000. Even with the pay gap factored into the equation, ec...

July 07, 2010

Men as a 'sub-species'?

That's explored in this Independent commentary, which considers both Hanna Rosin's Atlantic cover story and the recent revelations about gender gaps in England among college graduates.

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