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After being "ambushed" by the parents of a child she doesn't teach, simply because they wanted to talk to a teacher, Fred the Fish at Are We Doing Anything Today? considers the "official spokesperson" duty that seems to come with the profession: ...teachers are ambushed into being the sounding board for the teaching profession. (Regardless of your profession, once you are it, you are the voice for all. My brother speaks for the police, my friend the architect is the voice of building designers.) ... It's such an awkward position to be put in particularly because teachers are often under fire. ...

Ms. Cornelius responds to the news that education officials in New Zealand have decided to allow students to use text-message-speak on national exams this year. It's a shameful concession, she says: Are we merely being elitist to expect an academic paper to adhere to certain standards? I hardly think anyone would claim that the expectation to communicate clearly is too rigorous. ... I've told my students that text-speak is unacceptable in written work. I will also correct the first misspellings of unusual words, such as "laissez-faire," but I take points off for misspelling common words such as cities, because, or soldier. ...

Denver teacher Groovygrrl has started a new blog called Caught in Class in which she plans to record the things kids say in school. The reason behind this grand venture? "Most people who don't work in schools have NO IDEA how funny it is," she says. Here's a sample entry: Kid: Like, who thought of pot? Teacher: What do you mean? It's a plant. Kid: Yes, but who thought of it? Teacher: You mean, who thought of smoking it? Kid: Yeah. Teacher: I don't know. But I think it's a weirder thing to drink milk. I mean, who was the ...

In a list of things that made her laugh recently, New York teacher writingsam of clean up on aisle life includes some timely (school) election news: In a campaign speech for President of the Student Government, one boy stated, "I promise to do something about that smell in the boys' bathroom, because it's just -- I mean -- you know -- it's just disgusting. I'll get air fresheners, maybe a ceiling fan, but I promise you, I'll do something!" (Followed by wild cheers.) Now there's an area where we can probably all agree that you don't want to "stay the ...

NYC Educator recounts a day spent trying to convince administrators that he is, indeed, himself. I was in my trailer, teaching something, when the phone rang. I picked it up. "This is Miss Grundy from the switchboard. Is this NYC Educator?" "Yes it is." "Well I just sent a kid to your trailer with a coverage, and he says you told him you weren't you." "Well, that can't be," I assured her. "I am most certainly me." "AREN'T I ME?" I asked my beginning ESL class. "Yes, teacher, you are you." they called out, with varying levels of enthusiasm. A ...

Mr. Lawrence of Get Lost, Mr. Chips, succinctly explains his frustration with Sen. John Kerry's recent comments about education and Iraq. Kerry's remark: "You know, education, if you make the most of it, you study hard, you do your homework and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well. If you don't, you get stuck in Iraq." And Mr. Lawrence's thoughts: Can this guy do anything right? I'm glad I voted for him - 'lesser evilism' and all that business - but one thing the Democrats never seem to realize is that they're not very good at ...


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