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Robert Pondiscio wonders, "What would happen if we simply adopted policies of systematically removing the most ineffective teachers?," as recently proposed by Stanford University economist Richard Hanushek:

Inspired by his school's newest acrostic slogan "L.E.A.R.N.", Hobo Teacher creates his own acrostic which he believes to more accurately reflect his school's mission.

During class recently, Coach Brown noticed a student attempting to cheat on a reading quiz and taught him a valuable lesson in front of his classroom peers.

After "snowmageddon" crippled parts of the nation, The Washington Post spoke with teachers and asked them for their true feelings on snow days.

Inspired by a blogger looking to become a teacher because "teaching...sounds...interesting...," Mei Flower came up with the quick, sure-fire method for getting ready to become a teacher.

The blogger at Epiphany in Baltimore posts a tribute to recently-deceased J.D. Salinger, celebrating his famous novel The Catcher in the Rye

Nancy Simmons of Online Science Degrees chimes in with a guest post on Learn Me Good about how to take control of your classroom. Most teachers know how to control their classes, but when one or two rogue elements succeed in creating havoc and causing a ruckus, things get out of hand and the teacher does not really know what to do... The only way they can regain control is if they appeal to a higher authority or use their powers to threaten the students in some way. Hat Tip: For more on taking control of the classroom, check out ...


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