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October 21, 2014

Pardon My Ignorance But ... Is High School Really This Crazy?

After 12 years in K-8 education, I'm finally getting a glimpse of the world of high school—and it's a totally different, sometimes bizarre, world.

June 27, 2012

How Many PB & J Sandwiches Does It Take to Pay For College?

At the start of 2010, my husband and I made a resolution that drastically changed our lifestyle. It caused us both joy and pain. Some people scoffed. Others thought we were weird. We decided to live on much less than we earned in an effort to become debt-free. In January 2012, we had met our goal...

May 23, 2012

This Way Out: Few Options for Average Students

A friend I used to work with nine years ago recently contacted me in response to my post Amber Alert: Teenage Boy Mentally Kidnapped by Gangs. He wondered if the 20-year-old man in the post who was killed in an apparent gang shooting was the same student he had taught in 2004 when the deceased was ...

February 15, 2012

The Race at the Top vs. Students Who Are Not

I was at the height of my senior year. Elected vice president of my class and voted "Most Likely to Succeed" for the yearbook. Accepted into every college to which I had applied, and in a close race for the coveted title of Valedictorian. I was on top of the world—unstoppable. But LaMont Jack...



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