Dr. Rebecca Alber, Andrea Keith, Tamara Fyke, Jenny Edwards, and Michael D. Toth "wrap up" a four-part series on student agency.

Debbie Silver, Jennifer Casa-Todd, and Bill Ivey provide responses to the question "What is agency and how can teachers encourage its growth among students?"

Adeyemi Stembridge, Mary Beth Nicklaus, Alycia Owen, and Dr. Laura Greenstein discuss the value of student agency and how to promote it in schools.

Keisha Rembert, Sarah Ottow, Laurie Manville, Dr. Alva Lefevre, Dr. Lynell Powell, Dr. Felicia Darling, Paula Mellom, Rebecca Hixon, and Jodi Weber define student agency and how to promote it in the classroom.

The new question-of-the-week is: What is agency and how can teachers encourage its growth among students?

Shanna Peeples, Mary K. Tedrow, Amy Sandvold, and Laverne Bowers "wrap up" this five-part series on students writing for "authentic audiences."

Rita Platt, Alexis Wiggins, Dr. Jenny Grant Rankin, Kristen Koppers, and Mara Lee Grayson share their ideas on how and why students can write for an audience other than the teacher.

Martha Sevetson Rush, Donna L. Shrum, Heather Wolpert-Gawron, Michael Fisher, Tamara Letter, and Keisha Rembert contribute their thoughts on authentic audiences for student writers.

Jayne Marlink, Cheryl Mizerny, Erin Starkey, Nicole Brown, Dawn Mitchell, and John Larmer share their suggestions on how to encourage students to write for "authentic audiences."

Katherine Schulten, Kelly Love, Tatiana Esteban, Kimiko Shibata, Alycia Owen, and Jennifer Orr offer suggestions on how students can write for an "authentic audience."

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