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Never thought I’d be starting a blog post with that title on Monday, June 29. But here it is, 12:28 in the AM, and once again I’ve woken up in the middle of the night with back to school jitters. Only this time, it’s summer school—sort of—and instead of teaching it, I’m running it. Tomorrow marks the first day ever of academic summer classes at Congressional, a brand new program I’ve conceived and implemented (with a little help from my friends, as usual) which features challenging, ungraded enrichment courses taught by certified ...

Here’s some stuff I’ll remember from my Father’s Day weekend: Getting almost five-year old Will an early birthday present of a new fishing rod and, on the very first cast into not so picturesque but close enough 4-Mile Run, catching a bass. End of little league season trip to National’s Park on a rainy Saturday morning where a few dozen kids sit in the dugout, throw pitches in the bullpen, take swings in the batting cages and get free hats, hotdogs, and tickets. At the swimming pool where I grew up a few decades ago, now ...

I just finished teaching what may be the last English class of my career. It snuck up on me, but there it is. Next year I’m stepping out of daily teaching to focus on my role as Dean. I’ll still have plenty of contact with kids, but I won’t be the one giving homework, or making up units, or grading stacks of papers on the weekend (big tear plops down on keyboard here). I spent this final morning with soon to graduate 8th graders at long tables in the cafeteria, guided by the art teacher in hand ...


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