In this middle school science class, students learn about water quality by testing the drinking sources in their own homes.

High school teacher Sarah Brown Wessling shows how she makes classroom essentials portable so that she can move throughout the building.

In this 7th grade science classroom, students learn the stages of cell mitosis through song and dance.

Three teachers explain how they curb off-task talk and encourage productive discussion.

High school teacher Sarah Brown Wessling shares three ways she approaches silence in her classroom.

High school teacher Kateryna Haggerty explains how visual aids in her classroom help her English-language learner students write more confidently.

In high school teacher Sarah Brown Wessling's class, students "snap" to praise each other's contributions.

This high school teacher uses graphic organizers to help English language learners with limited or interrupted formal education develop fluency.

This high school English teacher helps her students get to know each other with an interviewing exercise.

In Sabrina Van-Phanz's middle school science class, students consider how introducing a new living thing could change a natural environment.


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