This 8th grade teacher uses manipulatives to teach her English-language learners how to structure persuasive writing.

This 4th grade teacher demonstrates how she arranges the desks in her classroom to facilitate student collaboration.

Allyson Krogmann Jordan, an early learning coach in Santa Monica, Calif., teaches her preschool students spatial-reasoning skills through a game using wooden building blocks.

Sabrina Van-Phanz, a middle school science teacher in New York, uses poster-making to engage her students in a brainstorming exercise.

Genevieve DeBose, an English-language arts teacher in New York, explains how starting a community book club gave students ownership over their own learning.

Joshua Kwon, a high school algebra teacher in Everett, Wash., uses students' questions about a short video clip as a jumping off point for his lesson on coding.

This New York middle school teacher shows how her students apply reasoning and analysis skills to determine how organisms interact in ecosystems.

One New York high school teacher explains how she organizes community book club meetings and prepares student leaders to guide the discussion.

This elementary school teacher shows how she uses sentence starters and descriptive charts in a lesson about differentiating fact from opinion.

High school English teacher Sarah Brown Wessling teaches her students to write text-dependent questions.


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