This high school educator shows students how to use social media to participate in political and civic engagement online.

One California teacher uses graphic organizers to guide students in writing persuasive radio stories about personal experiences.

Digital tools allow this high school civics teacher to assess student understanding and give immediate feedback.

See how one preschool teacher helps her students learn how to count collections of objects.

See how one teacher uses Twitter as a way to gauge students' comprehension of the day's lesson.

One teacher shows how she incorporates writing into her math lessons for English-language learners by using supports like a word bank and sentence-structure charts.

A principal and coach engages in feedback discussions with teachers after observing their classroom lessons.

This pre-kindergarten teacher finds creative ways to implement counting into her students' lineup and transition process.

Community circles provide students and faculty an opportunity to develop positive relationships with one another.

One preschool teacher shows how math concepts can be taught throughout the school day, in every classroom activity.


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